Product Donations


In-Kind Donation Requests

Chef Works is proud to support local communities through in-kind donations.

Another means that Chef Works can help charitable organisations are through in-kind, non-cash donations and we thank you for considering Chef Works when planning your fundraising event.

We have developed the following guidelines to help eligible charitable organisations understand our giving priorities. In-kind donations are made within our three main focus areas of support: the elimination of children living in poverty, children and adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and protecting and improving the environment for many generations to come.

We wish you the best of luck with your charitable and fundraising efforts.

Before submitting your in-kind request, please consider the following guidelines:

  • In-kind donations will be made to charitable organisations and/or events.
  • All requests must be submitted to the Chef Works Marketing team:
  • Please share as much detail within your request in order for your request to be considered.
  • Request must be submitted at least six weeks prior to your event.
  • Please allow four weeks for us to review and respond to your submission.